The Sally Fox Children Trust Foundation Award


Pleased to present the Sally Fox Children Trust Foundation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Child Well- Being in Vermont of $5000 to Barbara Saunders of the Mary Johnson Children’s Center.The Sally Fox Award is given annually at the Turrell Fund Day for Children, and my boys and myself have the honor of picking the award winner from among 3 finalists each year. This year was a no brainer as the winning proposal was to establish a new after school program serving 25 children in Weybridge, Vermont. Weybridge is where Senator Claire Ayer (one of Sally’s mentors) and her husband Alan lived for decades prior to Alan’s sudden passing last year. Alan was also a revered OB-GYN doctor in Weybridge and Addison County for some 40 years. It was such a privilege to have Senator Ayer join me in presenting the award, where she poignantly noted that many of the children who will first attend the new after school program will no doubt have been delivered by her dear husband Alan. Close to 150 leading children’s advocates were in attendance. Sally would have been proud.