I Formally Announced My Campaign for State Senate from Chittenden County Today

I filed the necessary signatures today to be on the ballot as a candidate for the Vermont State Senate from Chittenden County.  My press release is below.

For Immediate Release:                                                                                                                           June 11, 2014


Dave Sterrett, (617) 678-8552; sterreda@gmail.com


Senator Michael Sirotkin Seeks to Retain Chittenden County Senate Seat Continuing Work of His Late Wife Senator Sally Fox 


SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT – Senator Michael Sirotkin announced his election campaign for a Senate seat in Chittenden County today by filing the necessary signatures to get his name on the ballot.  Senator Sirotkin was appointed to a Senate seat from Chittenden County by Governor Shumlin on February 11, 2014 to finish the term of Senator Sirotkin’s late wife Sally Fox who passed on after a two year battle with cancer on January 10, 2014. “We lost Sally far too young and the last five months have admittedly been very hard.” said Senator Michael Sirotkin, Senator from Chittenden County. “She left many issues for those Vermonters without a voice unfinished, and I’m clearly running this fall, in part, to continue Sally’s work.”

The last few months have been a whirlwind for Senator Sirotkin.  While grieving the loss of his wife of nearly 35 years, Senator Sirotkin was thrown right into the middle of significant public policy issues in the Vermont Senate.  “The only way to handle the significant changes in my life the last few months was to focus intensely on issues like the minimum wage, GMOs, paid sick leave, texting and driving, and the regulation of toxic chemicals in children’s products.”  The fact that Senator Sirotkin had been advocating for public interest consumer issues for 30 years in the Vermont Statehouse lessened the steep learning curve.

In accepting his gubernatorial appointment to the Senate, Senator Sirotkin was forced to sell his successful small business and law office. With more than 30 years of running a small business, he realizes the challenges average working Vermonters face.  “Working people in Vermont are finding it harder and harder to keep their heads above water.  The cost of housing, property taxes, healthcare, and utilities continue to grow and most families are not fully sharing in our  somewhat anemic recovery.  That’s why I actively supported increasing the minimum wage and providing paid sick leave in the Senate.  If I have the privilege to represent Chittenden County in the Senate for the next two years, I will double my efforts on behalf of working Vermonters and their families.”