How You Can Help

Please Donate Today!

Michael needs your help to bring his message of economic justice for all Vermonters back to Montpelier for the next session.  If you are able to help in one of the following ways your efforts would be much appreciated.

Post a Lawn Sign
Showing your support for Michael with a lawn sign is a great way to get the message out to your friends and neighbors.   Simply email Michael to coordinate.

Our campaign needs resources to get across our message of economic fairness for Chittenden County voters.  Please consider contributing to the campaign by going to our donation page

Write a Letter to the Editor
It would be very helpful for supporters to voice their support for the campaign through letters to the editor to their local paper.  If you are interested in writing a letter to the editor please e-mail Michael to coordinate.  

Subscribe to our email list to Canvass/Phonebank
As the primary and general election approach, Michael will need people to go door-to-door to share campaign literature, hold signs in parades and at key visibility sites, and participate in phone banks.  If any of these activities interest you please e-mail Michael to coordinate.  

Include Michael in Your Community Event
Michael would appreciate the opportunity to meet your friends and colleagues.  If you are willing to include him in your community event such as a Rotary Breakfast or a house party please e-mail Michael to coordinate.