Honoring Sally at the 15th Annual David W. Curtis Leadership Awards

Senator Sirotkin addresses the crowd at the David W. Curtis Awards.

Senator Sirotkin addressed over 850 Vermonters and friends at the Vermont Democratic Party’s annual Curtis Awards Dinner.  Michael accepted one of three prestigious Curtis Awards on behalf of his late wife, Senator Sally Fox.

An excerpt from Michael’s address:

“For Sally (the Curtis Award) is big.  This is really big.                

To accept this in the presence of  our congressional delegation and all our Democratic state leaders, and Elizabeth Warren, who Sally so admired, is huge. To be honored  at the same time as legendary  Democrat Carolyn Dwyer and my client and boss and our friend, for over 25  years, Ron Rabideau is also special.

But most of all to be honored by her fellow Democrats and friends and colleagues in the name of  David Curtis is truly special. They  were friends and colleagues.  Their formative legal careers paralleled each other  so closely -Sally in the incredible legal aid community of the seventies and David in the Public defender family.

Civil liberties, children’s rights , disability rights, gay rights, rights of the mentally ill, rights of victims and offenders, rights of those without any voice. Their paths frequently crossed and every time I saw or listened to them together I could tell they had a mutual admiration and even love for each other.

 So thank you David. Thank you Sally. You will both never be forgotten.” 

Considered “The Champion of the People,” Sally was recognized for her selfless service to the people of Vermont.

Senator Sirotkin and Congressman Peter Welch at the event.