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Michael Sirotkin is a Vermont State Senator representing Chittenden County. Michael was appointed to the state senate on January 27, 2014 to fill the vacant seat of his late wife, Sally Fox. Before his appointment, Michael advocated on behalf of consumers and working families for several decades in the Vermont Statehouse.

In the mid 1970s Michael started his legal career in Vermont  where he specialized on legal issues impacting senior citizens. In 1981, he partnered with a private law firm in Burlington, that served the non-profit business community and injured Vermonters. Over the next 30 years he successfully managed two small businesses  while steadily growing  a state governmental affairs practice rooted in consumer and employment issues, the civil justice bar, affordable housing, land conservation, energy efficiency, and the environment.

In his three decades of Vermont policy advocacy, Michael distinguished himself as the chief advocate for hundreds of affirmative legislative changes, many of which  led the nation. Examples of his work included: the nation’s first health care ombudsman, a constitutional amendment barring age discrimination against judges, the nation’s first statewide clean indoor air act,  mental health parity and death with dignity.

Known for his tenacious advocacy, Michael always led with the merits of the consumer’s  interests. Whether it was health care, workers’ rights, human services, appropriations, or civil justice and liberties, Michael knows the Vermont policy encyclopedia because he was directly involved with so much of it.

Michael regularly worked with the leaders of public interest groups, Vermont and national businesses, trade associations, quasi-governmental agencies, and labor groups. Over time he carefully built the firm’s client base so it reflected a wide range of interests, collectively working for a better Vermont. He also managed two successful small businesses with multiple employees, which provided him with great insight into the challenges faced by small businesses state wide.

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