Busy Week- Shelburne Days, Sander’s Jericho Town Meeting; Legislative Preview at Wake Robin; Honk and Wave in Winooski

Spent Saturday  morning with Rep Lenes and Webb and my Treasurer Gretchen Morse registering and talking with voters. On Tuesday joined Reps Till and Frank and Senator Ashe participating in Senator Sanders Jericho Town Hall meeting where the issues ranged  from income inequality, to the middle east, to  F-35s, to Bernie’s possible run for President,  and everything in  between. I […]

Michael Attends the Annual ACLU Summer Party

Senator Sirotkin attended the annual ACLU summer party at Rep. Maida Townsend’s home and listened to the detailed 2014 report of Executive Director Allen Gilbert.  Among the ACLU accomplishments, Michael was proud to have supported and voted for reasonable restrictions on tasers, increased transparency in road side stops, repealing dated statute which banned abortions, and establishing […]

Michael Attends Vermont Lake Monster Game with VSEA

I had the privilege of tailgating and attending a Vermont Lake Monsters game on a beautiful Friday evening with Vermont State Employee Association members. I was lucky to introduced to many VSEA constituents and they are clearly a dedicated, caring and fun group of individuals. Special congratulations and best of luck to new VSEA Director Steve […]

New State Office Complex & Sally G. Fox Conference Center in Waterbury

Yesterday was a day of sad remembrance yet also of joy, as I was invited to tour the construction of the new state office complex in Waterbury. I was invited in both my capacity as a Senator on the Institutions Committee and as an adviser on the new complex’s conference area to be named after […]

Senator Sirotkin Tours the New State Health Laboratory

Senator Sirotkin and Rep Terry Macaig toured the near  complete new State Health Laboratory Wednesday as guests of Commissioner of Health Harry Chen.  As members of the Senate and House Institutions Committees which review and fund these major projects, both support the replacement of the aging and crowded 60 year old lab on Colchester Ave. in […]